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World speed record Skydiving

Our compatriot Luc Maisin establishes new World record - fastest ever speed record on Earth for unpowered performance

During the third week of september, at an international skydiving meeting held in the netherlands, our member Luc Maisin established a new World Record for speed in Skydiving. His best speed durng eight successive dives was 506.35 km/h. Luc established this performance diving from an airplane at an altitude of 4000 m. 

Last year, Luc already reached the best ever Belgian record in this discipline.

Luc Maisin has been jumping from airplanes since decades. He is now 63 and still extremely dedicated to skydiving. Luc lives in Overijse where he runs a paint and wallpaper decoration  shop.

A report has been published in Het Laatste Nieuws and on VRT television news

Performance report is currently (Dec.1st) under scrutiny of the FAI.