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Flying 1120 km to establish new Belgian distance record good for a Montgolfier diploma of the FAI

Our member David Spildooren established a new national record on board of his hot-air balloon, flying from Waasmunster (NW of Brussels) to Montefalco, in Italian Umbria. The flight lasted about 11 hours. The most spectacular part of the trip was flying over the Alps at altitudes ranging from 10.000 to 18.000 feet. Temperature dropped significantly, resulting in freezing most of David's food and drinks...

In recognition of this exceptional performance, the FAI granted David with the Montgolfier Diploma for the "Best performance in a Hot Air balloon in 2021.

The report about this exceptional perfomance can be retrieved on the FAI website.

Congratulations to David, many thanks to all members of his support team, and

long live Air Sports !

Jean Boulet

1972-2022 Cinquantenaire - Un record inégalé

La 21 juin 1972, le pilote français Jean Boulet réalisa l'exploit d'atteindre l'altitude de 12442 m à bord de l'hélicoptère SA 315 Lama 001 de l'Aérospatiale. Cinquante ans plus tard, ce record, ratifié par la FAI, reste inégalé.

Ci-dessous, la remise du diplôme au fils de Jean Boulet par Jacques Berlo, président de la Commission de gyraviation

Russia and Belarus are excluded from AirSports Worldwide

As a consequence to the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Federation Aéronautique Internationale decided to exclude both Russia and Belarus from the organisation. Therefore, all citizens from these two countries will be excluded from all airsport events wordwide. The Russian participants to the World Cup and European Championship Indoor Skydiving that will take place in Charleroi between 6 and 9 April this year are, until further notice, persona non grata at these events.

Zara Rutherford establishes new World Records

She successfully circumnavigated the Earth in solo over a distance of 51.000 km in 155 days on board of a Shark Ultralight aircraft with a MTOW of 472.5 kg only. See "Performances" under the "Events" tab for more information on this extraordinary performance.